Corey Bedward

Prospect Homes

From Royal Navy Able Seaman to Homebuilder Assistant Site Manager

Corey spent 6 years in the Royal Navy from Oct 2012 – Nov 2018. At sea, Corey was a warfare specialist operating sonar systems to detect, track and classify ships and submarines. In harbour, he used to maintain the casing and external fixings of the submarine. His most recent role involved working in the Submarine command team trainer in HMNB Clyde. This involved controlling simulated exercises for the OPS team of submarine crews to prepare them for operational deployments. Whilst serving, Corey learnt leadership and management qualities which he then later used in his transition to construction management.

Corey’s role as Assistant Manager for Prospect Homes was gained through his BuildForce designated Mentor who secured his first role with the company he worked for, GallifordTry (Vistry Group). His Mentor later left and joined Prospect Homes as head of construction and asked Corey to go and work for him, of which he jumped at! To prepare for ‘civvy street’, Corey did a great amount of research into the job role he was interested in, registering on the relevant courses. However, it was BuildForce who secured his work placement which lead to his employment, so he feels his success all stems from the help BuildForce provided. He found the lack of direct industry experience and the struggle to get his foot in the door the most challenging during his transition and would have liked more exposure to useful/valuable courses from the MOD.

At Prospect Homes, his current role is construction management, overseeing the building of residential units, including the planning and organisation of trades, coordination of works and quality assurance.

A typical day on site begins between 0700 – 0715, first checking his diary for the scheduled works, ensuring all the relevant trades are on site and working in accordance to the build program. Next a site inspection, ensuring all is safe, tidy and presentable; at all times, projecting a positive image for Prospect. Followed by a complete inspection of the houses in- build to ensure the subcontractors are correctly working to the build design and carrying out work to the highest standard. And, finally, liaising with various contracts managers to organise works for the progression of build stages, including final inspection, snagging and organising relevant trades to carry out remedial work and/or rectify any defects so that the house is ready for sale. He also manages to squeeze in 2 or 3 cups of coffee throughout the day!

Corey’s time spent in the Royal Navy was fundamental to his personal development and he has utilised all of these skills in his transition to construction management enabling him to be organised, manage relationships and communicate effectively, projecting confidence in his leadership and management.

When asked what advice he would give to someone leaving the Armed Forces seeking a new career in construction, he replied:

“Determine what sort of role you would like. Do a lot of research! Check the job markets to see what qualifications and experience is required and book yourself on the courses relevant to that role. Experience is the main thing employers will look for so get involved as much as you can, carry out work placements. Attend BuildForce events. Network! Make as many contacts as you can as this is your best chance of getting your foot in the door. To summarise: Do your research, book on courses, and get involved with BuildForce.”

The three words, he chose to describe a career in construction were: challenging, lively and rewarding. Followed by the three words he would use to describe an Ex-Military person to a recruiter from the construction industry: reliable, adaptable and organised.