Harry Bambridge


From the Paras to Construction Manager

Harry spent 4 years in the Parachute Regiment and then a further 4 years as a reservist, finishing his military career as Private in 2021.

His military career was as a Solider specialising on the 81mm weapon system, this would entail ensuring that the 81mm mortar could always be operationally effective as this was 80% of the battalions’ firepower.  A typical day in the Paras for Harry involved an intense morning fitness regime, followed by weapon-based drills on the 81mm mortar. Harry’s key skills gained during his military career were: teamwork, communication skills, problem solving, organisation and time management.

Harry gained his current role as a Construction Manager with Mace through BuildForce’s connections which then led to secured employment within 3 weeks.

Harry’s desire and determination to adapt and excel regardless of the obstacles and having a mindset which was developed by being a Para was his biggest support during his transition to ‘civvy street’. His biggest challenge was the fact he left the military and went straight to university to study Construction Project Management after not being in an academic environment for several years.

Harry’s current role involves taking lead and running a construction site, having the responsibility of the whole construction project day-to-day activities and the overall success of the project.  A typical day is challenging, rewarding, varied and busy.  Key skills such as organisation, relationship building, time management, attention to detail, emotional discipline and awareness, leadership and managerial skills were all learnt during his military career and are used daily in his current role.

Harry’s advice to someone leaving the Armed Forces and seeking a new career in construction would be:

“Set a goal, find a pathway that will lead you to that goal. Do not allow any obstacles to deter you from achieving your goal especially your own mindset and self-confidence! We all have different starting blocks leaving the military, that’s something we can’t change but the ultimate destination can be achieved with the correct positive, determined and strategic mindset.”

And finally, Harry describes a career in the construction industry as being a mixture of “Challenging, but also rewarding”