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For many Service Leavers, transitioning into civilian life can be a period of both uncertainty and upheaval.  At BuildForce, our aim is to help make this period as stress free as possible.  Sometimes though, despite our best efforts, transitioning into ‘Civvy Street’ can be tough, especially for those who have been career soldiers with twenty plus years under their belts.  Our service leavers put huge pressures on themselves to succeed wherever they land within construction.  Sometimes though, this doesn’t work out.  The armed forces have their own jargon and protocols which don’t always translate into Civvy Street or indeed a construction site.  Or perhaps, the role you thought was going to be your dream job hasn’t quite worked out the way you expected.

In some cases there can be a sense of shame that you haven’t been able to make the job work, or a sense of blaming yourself after you feel BuildForce has worked hard to get you into that particular role.  We all know how hard it is to be kind to yourself, we are our harshest critics.  Sometimes kindness is what we need though.  Remember it can be perfectly normal for things to feel strange and not quite right, sometimes people don’t land in the right place straightaway.  Rome wasn’t built in a day as the saying goes.

This is where BuildForce can help, we are not simply a “one shot opportunity” so to speak,  if things aren’t working out the way you expected or the job isn’t what you thought it was going to be, we are here to help using our After Care programme. We contact you soon after you start your new role, and regularly check in to see how you are getting on, and its okay not to be okay.  We will provide you all the support you need, and importantly get you back on track to have the transition you deserve.

Rest assured you are not alone during your transition from the armed forces and beyond.

Alex Forbes

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