Our Services

Our model

BuildForce is a Community Interest Company, set up and run by a collection of construction companies. We are dedicated to improving skills and diversity in construction by recruiting from the incredible talent of our service leavers and veterans. Our services focus on making industry more accessible with transparency on careers available, by using our tailored programme for your pathway into industry. We cover construction, homebuilding, infrastructure, logistics, utilities, security, engineering and facilities.  Our sustainable vision centres around long-term careers which are both challenging and rewarding.

Our Steering Group includes both industry professionals, veterans and those in active service. This ensures we have representation from all the communities we support and the needs of our service leavers and veterans are front and foremost of everything we do.

Our offering

Our service leavers and veterans can sign up and undertake a training needs analysis by industry specialists and are matched with a personal mentor from industry. BuildForce creates and supports site visits, work experience and employment opportunities.

The support from our in-house psychologist and team provides wellbeing, mental health and stress management advice, as our service leavers and veterans build the foundations of their new careers in construction.

Our bespoke construction related training courses will upskill our service leavers and veterans and showcase the various careers in industry. This partnership with the University College of Estate Management will make further education more accessible to service leavers and veterans and kick-start their new career.

Sustainable careers

At BuildForce our aim is to ensure, those we support during their transition into industry, secure both permanent and rewarding careers. Typical roles secured include Site Managers, Site Supervisors, Engineers, Logisticians, Project Managers, Designers, Construction Managers, Risk Advisors, Health & Safety Managers, Quality Compliance Managers, Quantity Surveyors and a range of graduate positions, to name a few.

We have a strong track record placing service leavers and veterans in trade roles, throughout the UK and we also have experts guiding and mentoring those setting up their own companies.

The service leavers and veterans we have placed range from 24 – 60 years old. Construction is the ideal industry to transition after serving with the Armed Forces brings. It is also an industry seeking a diverse workforce and one that welcomes the learnings from other sectors: be it through innovation, technology, off site manufacture or progressive leadership styles.

Diversity & inclusion

The diversity of our service leavers and veterans adds to the wealth of our industry. We are wholly inclusive and support all of our military community:

  • Service leavers and veterans who are members of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community
  • Female service leavers and veterans
  • Service leavers and veterans with disabilities
  • Service leavers and veterans within the LGBT+ community
  • Long-term unemployed veterans
  • Homeless veterans
  • Service leavers and veterans with previous convictions