Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Our collaboration with MHS (Mental Health and Support) Training and Consultancy Limited (a CITB approved trainer) launched our mental health and suicide prevention programme. We provide a valuable opportunity to enhance the wellbeing of all those we support. Our psychologist conducts one-to-one sessions to assess your mental wellbeing, as a problem shared is a problem halved, and we are here to listen. We provide all support and sign-posting.

Our mental health and suicide prevention programme is available to our service leavers and veterans and all those in industry. We can provide support to family members and all those affected by their mental health and by suicide.

Our mental health and suicide prevention programme is led by Bernie Graham.

Click here to hear Bernie speak about mental health at our recent Insight Day at RAF Cosford.


Stress Management

As part of your induction with BuildForce, we encourage you to attend our stress management seminar (which are currently running virtually).

This interactive seminar explores the relationship between stress and mental health, enabling participants to recognise the signs/symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression and how this can affect their safety on site and at home. The session also provides evidence-based information and practical approaches for addressing these often difficult life issues, focusing on the following key areas:

  • Raise awareness of stress and its relationship with mental health
  • Enhance knowledge of how to prevent and alleviate stress
  • Raise awareness of the potential impact of stress and mental health issues in the workplace.
  • Reduce stigma and address prejudice re mental health issues
  • Enhance participants emotional wellbeing and resilience

You can access further support here.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

9th May 2022 is the start of Mental Health Awareness Week. This annual event provides a platform to share conversations around mental health, with this year’s theme being loneliness.  The team at BuildForce are taking steps of raising awareness of the impact of loneliness, how to identify it and practical steps we can take to address it.

Our chat, led by Bernie Graham and Angela Forbes speak with Rebecca Brisley and Anthony Brisley.  Rebecca recently penned an incredible note on LinkedIn, sharing the experience of her husband, ex-Royal Marine, Anthony and his experience with loneliness. A fascinating conversation and incredibly insightful on how to identify and address loneliness #mentalhealthawarenessweek

To watch the full chat, please click here.

World Mental Health Day 2021

This year, the World Mental Health Day theme is mental health in an unequal world. Although, we have all been impacted by the pandemic, we have not been affected equally. COVID-19 has highlighted how inequalities in our society can have real consequences for people’s health. Those from deprived areas, those unemployed, those from minorities can have lower access to the support services for common mental health issues. Our chat, led by Angela Forbes, BuildForce Chief Exec, with Bernie Graham our Psychologist at BuildForce and Ben Nickels, now a reservist, who previously served with the Parachute Regiment. Bernie and Ben share their own personal experiences with mental health and what it means to them.

To watch the full chat please click here.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

On 10th September each year we observe World Suicide Prevention Day. It’s a growing problem and the numbers tell a shocking story. Every year organisations and communities around the world come together to raise awareness of how we can create a world where fewer people die by suicide. Each year has a different theme and focus to bring to light a specific aspect of suicide prevention with this years’ theme “Creating Hope Through Action”. The aim is to instil light in those who have been touched by the darkness of suicide and self-harm. To highlight that our actions no matter how big or small, may provide hope to those who are struggling. And that we can overcome feelings of hopelessness, and it is possible not only to survive but also to thrive in life.

The discussion, led by Angela Forbes, who welcomes Bernie Graham, our Psychologist at BuildForce and Roger Morton, Group Change Director at Vistry with a 25 year career in the Armed Forces including Commanding Officer at Sandhurst, to share their experiences.

Please click here to watch the video.

Mental Health Virtual Chats

Simon Weston CBE and Bernie Graham: Mental Health and the transition from Service to Civilian life
Simon Weston CBE: Advice during lockdown