Assertiveness & Empowering Communciation

Recently, we piloted our 1-day ‘Assertiveness and Empowering Communications’ female-only workshop to a mixed group of employers, #veterans and spouses.
This was led by our in-house psychologist Bernie Graham MSc FRSM FRSPH GMBPsS and our Programme Director Caroline Logan.

The reason we have co-written this course, is to support our female community as they navigate their resettlement; major life changes and career development, to give us the tools to communicate our way through life:
“Assertiveness is about communicating in an open, clear and direct manner while allowing the person or people you are communicating with to do the same. It’s essentially about effective and respectful communication. After considering the theory, the session focuses on the practical tools and techniques to support this.”

The feedback we have gained has been immense and we are looking forward to further rolling out this session to our employers, service leavers and spousal community. If you are interested and would like further information, please email:

“What an eye-opening and transformative experience it has been, I realised today that developing assertiveness not only benefits me personally but also positively impacts my team and the wider Amey family.”

“Wow what a session!!!…
The interactive activities were particularly beneficial. The role-playing exercises and group discussions allowed us to apply the concepts in a practical and engaging manner. These activities helped me gain confidence in expressing myself assertively and empowered me to communicate effectively in various situations.
It was helpful to see how assertiveness and empowering communication can be applied in different contexts, such as the workplace or personal relationships.
Bernie and Caroline created a positive and engaging learning experience. The session surpassed my expectations and left me feeling more equipped and empowered to communicate assertively.
Thank you once again for organising this session. I believe it has had a profound impact on my communication skills, and I look forward to applying these newfound skills in my personal and professional life.”