BuildForce April Blog

Hello from Edinburgh! I am Kathleen, an Irish woman who has found herself juggling various roles on any given day – #BuildForce Support Manager/Mother/#Military #Spouse to name but a few of my current titles.

I was first introduced to Caroline Logan, BuildForce Programme Director, through a dear friend, who is also a military spouse back in March last year and by April, I found myself returning to employment after an 8 year hiatus (which included 6 SFA house moves and 2 children along the way!). It felt a little like starting from scratch and I was slightly hesitant to dive back into a career after putting it on hold for so long. However I was fully supported by my husband, family and close friends and it now feels like the best decision I ever made.

Many military spouses often put their own careers on hold in order to support their partners military service. As a result, they can face significant challenges when trying to return to work. Frequent relocation being a huge factor. BuildForce recognises the unique challenges that Military Spouses face and offers support in the form of mentoring, work placements and networking opportunities with leading #construction companies.

Being a military spouse, myself has given me a slight advantage and plenty of empathy when connecting with our Service Leavers and #Veterans. I lead on BuildForce’s Mentor Programme connecting candidates with industry specific mentors, according to skillset and location who then provide support, guidance and advice to Service Leavers, Veterans and Spouses as they transition from military life.

Military families are masters in flexibility, adapting to new environments every couple of years with resilience and determination and therefore make them ideal employees when the decision is eventually made to settle down and return to civvy street. BuildForce aims to support this transition every step of the way and helps to establish skilled professionals within construction and the built environment.

I am truly excited about this new flexible career path which BuildForce has opened for me and it is such a joy to be part of a wonderfully supportive and cohesive team.

Kathleen Cargill