BuildForce August Blog

Hi everyone, it’s Leya Ali back again to do this month’s blog – A LOT has changed since my last one, I have a lot to say.

Continuing my studies since my previous blog, the last two months were rather tough, working solely on my dissertation about #HS2, where Angela and Caroline put me in contact with many BuildForce #veterans to interview for my research. I was absolutely humbled by the kindness for so many to share their skills and expertise working on the HS2 project. Overall, I would like to say I adjusted to Cambridge life pretty well and took full advantage of societies, formals and the social aspect with friends, to balance out the moments of high stress.

After completing the dissertation, I moved back to London shortly after and prepared for the jam packed weeks ahead and a very big event, my sister’s wedding. I thoroughly enjoyed this, even though sometimes I could only give motivation through FaceTime while they prepared numerous invites, flowers and boxes. Coming up to the wedding though, we had multiple wholesome nights with close family and friends, decorating the house, making signs and favours and all the henna nights. It was such a milestone moment for us all.

As I write this, I am now preparing for the next big thing. I have been very fortunate to receive an offer to complete a 9-month Business Associate programme in Dubai. I fly out in 10 days and honestly it still does not feel real at all. Leaving everything behind to pursue a dream can be very uncertain and the thought of the unknown can sometimes take over. However, I am so excited to see what happens next. I am grateful to be the first ever British Pakistani selected out of thousands of applicants, and can’t wait to begin this journey with the other associates and learn all about their different cultures, whilst experiencing study, work and life in Dubai.

Although I may be leaving BuildForce for now, I will most definitely be back and will continue to attend our in-house meetings. The Insight Days and next Boxing event will be fantastic, make sure to secure your place!

To my whole BuildForce team, thank you very much. This is not goodbye.