BuildForce December 2023 Blog

To wrap up 2023, Programme Director Caroline Logan shares her personal blog:
It’s that time of you year where we reflect, look back on our successes, achievements, losses and failures. Making new promises, new goals, life changes and aspirations – for me, 2023 has been a year of transition, reflection and trepidation as I close the door on one chapter following my Christmas Day ‘significant’ birthday and look forward to my next. A year which has seen me looking back through the decades of varying success, defined by life’s inevitable curveballs….

My 20s was focused on carving out a career as an Actor, began with training at The Oxford School of Drama, where my craft and confidence was tested but driven by my love and passion of being on the stage, led me to London and putting my ‘craft’ to test. 20s and on my own in London was lonely but my drive of becoming an Actor saw me through endless ‘crappy’ jobs and relishing in ‘the work’ with highlights of the Edinburgh Festival pick of the day and Berkoff’s Decadence; a ‘two-man’ physical theatre performance, switching from working class couple to upper class through body and mime. Pushing myself to give a performance to this day I remember fondly.

Into my 30s brought the joys of marriage and children but also the great loss of a parent. Logan was my firstborn and was to carry on the family name. Whilst I was pregnant with my second child, my father, and best friend died; being a mother got me through my grief, gave me purpose to keep going, shifting the focus from myself. And cliché as it is, time really is a healer, the pain lessons but the hole always remains…Motherhood was a wonderful time, we’re all learning but so long as you can love and laugh, you’re winning!

Which brings us up to my last, most challenging, defining 10 years; stepping out after a 20-year relationship with two small dependents. Impacted by redundancy 2 months later, there were times when I really didn’t want to get up in the morning but my children (and my running!) kept me going. Taking small steps, day by day, eventually you become stronger, you find your strength in the knowledge you are still going and made it on your own!
My career kicked off again and gratefully led me to BuildForce; my work success gave me more confidence and as I grew professionally, I grew personally. I’m indebted to BuildForce, our team, and the incredible people I have had the privilege to work with and learn from. Supporting you through your transition into your next chapter has also guided me through mine.

My 40s have most definitely been my most difficult, challenging yet defining, happy years; I’ve learnt from my failures, grown from my mistakes and found the confidence, happiness and strength to live another day.
My last 10 years have been survival/fight mode so now it’s time to enjoy the journey. I’m not entirely sure where my next chapter will lead me, but one thing I am sure of hashtagBuildForce will remain at the heart of everything I do.