BuildForce February 2024 Blog

For many of us, February can be a tough month.  Christmas is a distant memory, and for some the feeling that winter is never going to end weighs heavy on our thoughts.  As someone who hates winter and really struggles with the dark winter mornings and nights; February is awarded the prize for the most depressing month.

One of the amazing things I have found while working within our team at BuildForce is how supportive the work environment has been.   Our Mental Health lead and in house Psychologist Bernie Graham deserves a particular shout out for making the winter months bearable for me.  The simple things, such as a brief regular phone call to “check in” makes all the difference during those winter months.  For those in the know, Bernie also hosts our monthly “Transition Wellbeing Session” on Zoom.  We host this over a lunchtime for one hour 1200-1300.  I have to say, having attended the course myself, it really is a great string to the BuildForce bow.  The Session deals with lots of different topics, such as stress management, coping with change, losing your sense of identity – relevant to me in my previous incarnation as a lawyer, not to mention a wealth of wellbeing tools.   If you want to attend the next session, please get in touch and I can book you a place.

Meantime, March and hopefully some nice springtime Weather are just around the corner!

Alex Forbes

BuildForce Support Manager