BuildForce May blog

To aid world harmony, demonstrate my love for my family and to thank old Jim & June next door for all their kindness, I decided to repay them all………… a little late to lockdown hobbies, I started screeching cats in September, when I dusted off my fiddle after a 24-year hiatus. One evening, googling orchestras near me, I decided in the heat of the moment, to apply to the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (#RSNO), community orchestra: All Together Now. Rehearsals are on a Sunday afternoon, so didn’t clash with hubby’s golf or son’s classes – what could go wrong. Well absolutely nothing did. It couldn’t have gone any better. Fellow musicians are incredible; the RSNO team are the epitome of talent and professionalism, and the pieces selected are both challenging and thoroughly enjoyable to play. Plus, here is the thing which surprised me most, as much as my child and teenage self enjoyed playing my instruments, I wasn’t keen on playing in public (whenever I did, both they and I were horrified). However now, in my early 40’s the shift is cataclysmic. On the weeks of sectional rehearsals, I play the wrong notes, and the right ones, with equal certitude. When the whole orchestra is together, I am actually enjoying myself. When the percussion and brass behind me are ‘givin it laldy’, I think I’m Nicola Benedetti. Who would have thought it!? Things seem a little less daunting with age, a little bit of wisdom and some Sugarhill Gang spirit.

So, to you, our #ArmedForces and #Veteran community…… you are, ready to take the plunge into a new career in #constructionindustry. You aren’t that 16-year old who signed up, all those years ago. You. Are. Incredible. More and more employers now know it. So “just throw your hands up in the air and party hardy like you just don’t care”. Jump with both feet and enjoy the ride. I’ll provide the backing music and #BuildForce will provide the support.

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