From Lieutenant Colonel to Site Works Facilities Manager

VINCI Facilities


Devendra Ale served in the Queens Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment for 34 years leaving with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

“I joined as a private soldier, driver trade, climbing up the promotion ladder fulfilling various roles as logistics and military communication trainer, as well as transport workforce and logistics manager in varying levels of Army formations and theatres. I finished my career as the head of Tri-service Logistics supply training establishment. I was responsible for ensuring logistics supply training for Navy, Army and Airforce, was delivered as required in support of both operational and peacetime activities.  Some of the skills I gained while serving included:-

  • Workforce management – ensuring the team were trained, tasked, empathised, and kept motivated.
  • Vehicle and equipment fleet management – ensuring they were serviced and maintained to the legal requirements.
  • Logistics management – providing logistics support (transport, supply, catering) at Regimental level via advance planning and reactive actions.

I now work for Vinci Facilities as a Site Works Facilities Manager.  I ensure that all planned and preventative maintenance work on technical accommodation within RAF Benson is conducted on time and to the required standard.  I also liaise with contractors, plan future maintenance tasks and update maintenance records. I use a lot of transferable skills from the military on a day-to-day basis, such as workforce tasking, work planning and forecasting, understanding of Safety, Health, Environment, Fire and other legislative and legal requirements.

BuildForce were instrumental in helping me secure my new role.  They organised networking events, as well as giving me sound advice and support.  I also found help from friends and colleagues invaluable.  I had always planned to wind down and take a work break for a while, before commencing on my industry career.

With regards to securing new employment, I did not encounter any major difficulties; I think I was lucky in that sense!  It is never too soon to start networking and planning your career outside the military. Do not consider the final two years as your career transition / resettlement period.  Exploit as many opportunities as possible provided by BuildForce such as the Job fairs they host. As stated above it is never too early to start planning your transition. Effectively translating your qualities into civilian speak is vital, something BuildForce was able to help with.

My final advice in three words: network, decide and prepare.”