Kevin Barrett


From Lance Corporal to Site Supervisor

Kevin served in the Army for 8 years from 2012- 2020, finishing his service as Lance Corporal. His last role was second in command within a section (2IC).

Whilst in the Army, a typical day included physical training which was followed by skills and weapons training or Tactics up, ending with platoon or vehicle admin. Key skills, Kevin learnt whilst serving was being able to develop his people skills and how to manage different personalities.

Kevin now works as a Site Supervisor at Clancy. He gained this position through the BuildForce programme, as they connected him with their head of training and BuildForce Mentor, Colin Willows.

Having a mentor was instrumental to Kevin’s transition as he was able to gain advice on which courses were best suited to the construction role he wanted to secure. Kevin’s biggest challenge was trying touse his learning credits as he was not provided with sufficient information, and what was given, was confusing. He found BuildForce’s insight days really helpful and given the opportunity, would have attended more to enable him to connect with further companies.

His current role involves assisting the Site Manager and ensuring safety when jobs are being completed. A typical day now for Kevin commences with a toolbox talk; briefing out any safety incidents and learning points from other jobs. Liaising with the sub-contractor, ensuring they have all the relevant documents and training to start their job. From this point, Kevin would then supervise the work being done and assist with any arising issues.

Setting routines, from the moment he gets up at 05:00; ensuring everything is in place the night before is most definitely a skill acquired from his military service and is now utilised in his role as site supervisor.

Kevin’s advice to those leaving the Armed Forces and considering a career in construction is:

“Have a positive attitude and connect with as many people as possible, because all it takes is for you to cross paths with the right person to get an interview.”

Finally, when asked what three words he would use to describe a career in construction, Kevin replied:

“Challenging. Progression. Exciting.”