Jack Riley Smith runs for BuildForce

Jack Riley Smith of Amey, completes his first race for BuildForce.

Jack advised “Race Complete. 13.3 miles in 1:47. That was epic, great to see so many people support throughout the run.  Thank you everyone for your amazing donations!  I didn’t expect that much at all, and it’s all thanks to you guys for your kind support!

I’m very excited to be running representing BuildForce Programme and Amey. My new team! Both of them have played a huge part through my transition from leaving the army. With giving me the support I needed into a new job, and training me up and supporting me whilst at work.

Training for this has given me the focus I needed on my running, as it probably would have slipped to the wayside had I not had a goal to aim for. And today is the goal!

Now to put my feet up and relax 😄”